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Meet Calico Rock

Calico Rock Formerly Known as The Private Practice Band of Hot Springs Consist of 6 of the most Talented Musicians in Hot Springs.

From Left to Right

Steven Mathews- Keyboard/Guitar

Tom Myers- Bass

Corey "Dj Double C" Baldwin- Lead Vocals

Niki Mathews - Female Vocals

Joe Whelan- Electric Guitar

Calico Rock Band will Play whatever you are looking To hear for your Special Day. From Journey to Bruno Mars, Even Lady A This Band Can Make your Wedding Day one To Remember. With a Combined 80 Years of Music Industry Experience This Band will Get your Party Started and will Keep you Wanting More. Private Practice Competed in The Great Eliminate Battle Of the Bands and Came out with the Win in the Cover Band Division Beating out 8 other Bands.

Coming From Lead Vocalist Corey Baldwin he Quotes, " I have been a Vocalist my Whole Life and What we have with the Band is Special. I am Honored to Be with This Band and the Friendships we have Developed"

If you are looking for that Perfect Band to add to your Special Event, Look No Further than Calico Rock

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Corey Baldwin- Lead Vocals

Corey has Been around some type of Music Since the Age of 3. His First Microphone was a Yellow Wiffle Ball Bat and he started Singing Jesus Loves me. Since then in Middle School all the way through High School He Placed in the top 4 Chairs in the Arkansas All Region Choir and the Top 10 Chairs in the Arkansas All State Choir his 10th and 11th Grade Year. Corey has Also Competed in Many Singing Competitions where he has Came in the Top 5 Every Time. His Most Recent Accomplishment is the 2019 Karaoke World Championship Directors Challenge Silver Metal where he Competed in Las Vegas Nevada at The Famous South Point Casino Resort on The Grandview Lounge Stage. He Also is on The Worship Team and Production Team at his Church And Is the Production Director for Hot Springs' Only Musical Passion Play The Witness. His most Recent Undertaking is where he pays tribute to Joliet Jake Blues In the Legends Entertainments Show Called "The Blues Brothers On A Mission From God." This Tribute Show is By Far the Most Fun I have had on a stage in Ages. From Prince To Usher even to Luke Combs Corey can Sing it All.  We are Very Lucky to have such a Versatile Artist to Lead Our Band. Corey and his Wife Jessica have 5 Amazing Children and Loves anything to do with music and Sports. 

Niki Mathews- Female Lead Vocals

Niki’s musical inspiration came from her parents, Linda & Bo Dyer. Niki’s dad was a drummer of many years and lover of many kinds of music. This opened her eyes and ears to genres of music she otherwise may have missed.

The family matriarch, Mary Dyer, made sure Niki was well involved in the church. Niki played trumpet in her church orchestra and sang in the church choir. It wasn’t until her college days that Niki picked up her first guitar, a blonde Fender acoustic. She spent many nights learning to play and jam with family and friends. Niki’s college job at Docker’s in Hot Springs gave her opportunity to participate in the musical antics of the local Tom & Tim show.

As a member of the Legends Entertainment Troupe, Niki performs the vocals of Christine McVie in “Dreams” A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac. She has had the opportunity to perform in The Hot Springs Bath House Dinner Theater, The historical Vapors Live, and other venues across central Arkansas.

Niki is also one of the lead vocalists alongside Corey Baldwin in the band Calico Rock, formerly known as “Private Practice”. In Calico Rock she vocally covers singers from Alicia Keys, Lady A, and Carrie Underwood to Steve Perry, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC. The combination of these two lead vocalists and experienced musicians allow for a wide variety of genres and songs to be performed.

Steven Mathews-Keyboards and Rhythm Guitar

Steven learned piano, guitar and percussion as a teenager in Helena, Arkansas where he was a member of his first band in high school “Black Diamond”. He took a musical break in college, but formed a new band while at medical school in Little Rock with fellow classmates called “Private Practice”. That group took off quickly as a novelty party band from 1986-1989 when at its peak was one of the most successful local bands at the time packing out the huge warehouse bar called S.O.B’s on a regular basis as well as rotating through the circuit of playing Juanita’s and Cajun’s Wharf on occasion.

Though members changed, this band continued in Columbia, Missouri for a couple of years during his internal medical residency in 1990-1992. After a long hiatus, it re-emerged in 2008 in his hometown Hot Springs when he collaborated w/ current founding member Tom Myers on bass. Soon afterwards Steven’s wife Niki was added for vocals and the band was reborn. Joe Whelen (guitar) was recruited next, and then Corey Baldwin (vocals) was added a little later. Seth Payne (drummer) is the newest member. This current band (now call “Calico Rock”) is the most versatile and skilled of them all with the ability to play practically anything with a host of very talented musicians and singers from top to bottom.

Steven has always been a fan of classic rock by heart and is also a true Beatles fanatic, but loves most all sorts of music genres. This is easily seen by looking at his groups’ diverse playlists.

He, along with Tom and Niki are also members of several tribute bands in the area, the most widely known being “Dreams”, a tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

He is a family man and a practicing gastroenterologist in Hot Springs, Arkansas where he has lived for the past 25 years. His interests and hobbies are collecting vintage guitars and amps, fine cigars, fine bourbon, playing golf, and is an avid Razorback fan. He also writes music, loves to travel, and enjoys entertaining.

Joe Whelan- Lead Guitar

Guitarist/Musician Joe Whelan was born in March of 1969. A child of 70s radio, his first exposer to formal music training began like so many others with piano lessons. “My parents recognized that I was talented and let me continue with piano for at least 4 more years until I found the guitar at the age of 15”. I was a friend’s house listening to Van Halen’s new record Diver Down and I noticed he had a Gibson SG sitting in the corner. I asked to try it out and my life changed forever. I dropped piano and completely focused on the guitar and music production”. At first, I found the guitar quite challenging, but I endeavored to persevere and by my senior year I was completely obsessed. In 1990, Joe moved to California to study at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. I played at least 7 ours a day during that time. “MI” More than anything exposed me to the discipline of practice. I became quite proficient as a guitarist and began playing in local bands and at parties on Melrose Ave. on the weekends. A great time to say the least. “After Hollywood, Joe relocated to Dallas Tx. “That period in Dallas was when I really learned what it meant to gig out playing to larger audiences” After years of playing in various original bands and cover acts, Joe married and started a family and relocated to northwest Arkansas there I was a member of the original band “EYES ON EVE”. We had moderate success writing in a style I like to call progressive pop. That band lasted a good 6 years before it began to falter. A decade plus 5 years later, “I found myself in my hometown of Hot Springs AR playing in the four-piece rock band “11”. We were well liked and hated at the same time. We had a lot of fire but like most things that burn too bright burnout is not far away. and burnout we did. After 3 years in the trenches playing at least 80 to 100 shows we split up. Around that time a good friend of mine a percussionist, John Dale introduced me to Steven Mathews and I joined the most professional band I have been in to date, CALICO ROCK.,, I am so pleased to play with some of the finest musicians in the state”. “It’s a privilege to still be able to do the thing I was born to do, to make cool sounds with wire and wood”. 

Tommy Myers- Bass Guitar

Tommy Myers is a veteran bass player and musician who first picked up guitar, bass, and brass at age eleven. On baritone horn, he was first chair member of the concert band where he picked up all-state and regional awards for performance, music reading, and music theory.

On bass, Tommy grew up playing everything from Motown to all styles of Rock, Pop, Blues, Christian and modern Country music, securing his first professional touring gig with the band, “Razor” at 18 years old. He has made electric bass playing his life passion ever since.

In his 20’s, Tommy moved his bass playing to Memphis to tour and record with the band “Natchez”. The airplay and weekly venue gigs brought him recognition which secured his place as an in-demand bassist, gigging and recording with several well-known Rock, Blues, and Christian bands throughout the mid-south.

Tommy’s enthusiastic, foot tapping, solid style of electric bass playing provides the firm rhythmic foundation for the many musical styles of the band, “Calico Rock”.

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